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About Video - MEETING A DINOSAUR!! - Exploring Drumheller Alberta - #DunnaVlog 30 Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to meet a dinosaur just like I was in Jurassic Park. So every couple years my family would head down to the badlands to Drumheller Alberta and go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum so I could fulfill my dream of meeting a dinosaur. Granted the dinosaurs had been dead for a while but they were still nice even if they were fossils. In this episode of the Dunna Vlog, we took a day trip on our holiday down to Drumheller Alberta to go on a hike in the hoodoos at Horseshoe Canyon, take in a little bit of the scenery of downtown Drumheller, eat some awesome food at Ivy's Awesome Kitchen and Bistro, and visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum where they have some of the most amazing fossils and displays of all things prehistoric (and more). It was an incredible experience and it was just as exciting now as it was when I was a kid! ---Links From Episode--- Town of Drumheller - Royal Tyrrell Museum - Subscribe HERE ➤➤➤ ➤ "SLOW DOWN - Dealing with a busy life - Dunna Vlog #029" ➤ ➤ “WE CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN!! - Dunna Vlog #028″ ➤ ➤ "PICNIC ON THE BEACH DATE - Dunna Vlog #027" ➤ ➤ "AMAZING MALIGNE CANYON HIKE!! Jasper National Park - Dunna Vlog #020" ➤ Watch all my Vlogs: ➤ --- Social Media and Such --- ➤ → Dunna iTunes Store ➤ → Dunna Website ➤ → Dunna Studio's Website ➤ → Dunna Facebook ➤ → Dunna Instagram (@dunnadidit) ---------- Thanks so much for your continued support with my vlogs! Let me know in the comments if you want to see something specific! A little bit about me: My name is Dunna (my real name is Justin though). I'm a musician, music producer, recording engineer, business owner, vlogger, and whatever else I feel like being at any given time. I am a creative person who always needs to be making content to entertain the masses. I started doing the Dunna Vlog because of a passion I have for making fun videos and to show people a little about who I am in an entertaining way. Many of my vlog episodes will take place in my recording studio, Resonate Music School & Studio. In my opinion we are one of the best recording studios in Edmonton and I love working in the studio with such a diverse range of amazing local artists. I hope you continue to enjoy the content I put out! love, Dunna Keywords: exploring drumheller alberta,dinosaur drumheller alberta,meeting a dinosaur,#dunnavlog,Dunnadidit,hoodoos hiking drumheller,drumheller alberta museum,royal tyrrell museum,Vlogger,drumheller hiking trail,Dunna,Dunna Did It,Travel Vlog,Day trip to drumheller alberta,Horseshoe canyon drumheller,tyrannosaurus rex fossils,dinosaur bones museum,dinosaur adventure,jurassic park,alberta badlands,Dunna Vlog,DunnaVlog,travel alberta,things to do in drumheller alberta