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Better Facebook Thumbnails For Your YouTube Videos



You have a “small” problem.



Ugly YouTube Video Links On Facebook.

Every YouTube link you post on Facebook looks like this or a variation of it.

Small Thumbnails.

Your thumbnail is cut off, shrunk, can’t tell what it is.

Long Titles.

Does your title look nice on YouTube but not so well on Facebook?

Not Very Engaging. 

With a look like this, you’d be surprised how many views you’re missing out on.








that needs a “big” solution



Better YouTube Video Links On Facebook.

When you use VidRise, your YouTube videos will look better than other vidoes on Facebook.

Bigger Thumbnails.

You worked hard on your thumbnail, show it off in it’s full glory.

Custom Titles & Thumbnails That Show On Facebook.

 You can change each title & thumbnail.

Heavily Engaged Community.

Creates a more lively and inviting welcome to the post.

Video Plays.

Nothing’s changed, user redirected to video when clicking your awesome thumbnail.

Facebook Ads. 

Split test titles & thumbnails with each ad campaign.

Link History & More.

As a VidRise Sharer or Pro, check up on your link history, customise the domain, and more.




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The process of vidrise



The whole process takes less than 30 seconds.





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