YouTube to Facebook | Create Large Thumbnails

YT 2 FB using VidRiseVidRise Logo - Create Big YouTube Thumbnail and Get More YouTube Views  to convert YouTube video links into BIG Facebook and Twitter thumbnails for your social posts, for free. After sharing your post will automatically get higher engagement, generating more views through a higher Click Through Rate (CTR).

How to generate a BIG Youtube thumbnail

  1. Grab your YouTube URL and paste it in the input box above
  2. Click Generate Link to get your VidRise link that can be shared to social media like Facebook and Twitter
  3. Be sure to customize your VidRise link with thumbnails, titles and descriptions that suit your post. Also turn on Redirect To YouTube setting if you want clicks to go to the YouTube Video Page

Try it out and compare the results of using Free VidRise to using a standard YouTube link!


(Using YouTube Link in Social Media post)



(Using VidRise Link in Social Media post)


Why use VidRise?

VidRise One of the fastest new YouTube Marketing Tools that’s sweeping YouTubers by storm. This FREE tool not only gives you bigger and better thumbnails on Facebook, it also helps create engagement. When you share YouTube videos on Facebook with large thumbnail, it increases the chance for your post to stand out and get more attention, resulting to more views.

Everything we do is customer centric and VidRise is focused on providing you and your community (the followers clicking your links) with awesome service and a great experience. We are an organisation that processes over a million transactions a week, we want your shared links to always work so we’re not going to disappear and be offline for hours or days as you might expect from other hobby operations.

We want your video to look the best it can on social media. We apply several algorithms behind to scenes to optimize your VidRise link for the nuances of social networks and to maximise exposure and reach.

Easily create big YouTube thumbnail and get more YouTube views by using our Free Tool! Get more views from your social media posts that will stand out.

If you’ve invested in building your brand we want to nurture and allow you to grow that brand! We offer features like custom domains that allows you to leverage VidRise technology while ensuring your community interacts only with your brand. Learn more.

Our service exists to help YouTubers achieve success and there are several initiatives being actively developed. We are not a static service and VidRise will continue to innovate and release new capability, so please let us know how we can help you achieve your goals. Connect with us!

Hear from a few VidRise users

“I saw an increase of over 31% in engagement since using VidRise. I’ve also seen more than 5,000 new subscribers as well. Either way VidRise has tremendously helped my channel reach new heights.” Audrey 

“My thumbnails were just as important as my videos but yet Facebook likes to crop or hinder the look which effected my videos from receiving more views. VidRise changed the game for me. My thumbnails were full size, played perfectly, and I’ve noticed my views went up. Thanks!”  ThinkComputers  

“I’m a Full Time YouTuber, I vlog everyday. VidRise has shorten the time to market my videos. I’ve saved on average up to 2 hours because I was use to making trailers and telling people to click the links. Now, I can post the video directly when using VidRise. Now I can plan my next video sooner or spend more time with my family”. LaneVids