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About Video - VEGAN HORMONE BALANCE - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Konnichewah, Goji Man here. Welcome back to my channel. Today im going to be talking about vegan hormone balance. If you want to live a long and healthy life free of disease then this is one of the most important pieces of the jigsaw. Follow me on Instagram: If you want to live a long healthy life and free of disease then it is imperative that your body has the right hormone balance. In simple practical terms this means getting more androgenic and less estrogenic. Oestrogen dominance has become a common problem in our society but not many people realise what it is, what it means or how you address it. So that’s what im going to cover today. Giving you the strategies that you can use in your nutrition and the way you live to get your androgens up and your oestrogens down. So before we discuss this lets first start by discussing estrogens and what they are exactly. Estrogens are hormonal signallers. And they are very important in certain cycles of growth, particularly if you are a woman. This issue with them is that they can become very problematic if we accumulate too much of them over our lifetime. But you need to also remember that estrogen accumulation is a natural and age related process and if we are clever with our nutrition we can dramatically help drive it down. And one of the best and most effective ways to do this is fresh raw foods (ideally organic). And the reason why fresh fruits and vegetables are so effective at driving down bad estrogens is they are loaded with methyl groups, which are carbon and hydrogen (CH3). Now these methyl groups attach to the bad estrogens and remove it from the body through the detoxification process. As a society, one of the most problematic toxicity issues were are facing today is the amount of bad estrogens in the food chain and the environment. And there is also another equally important estrogen we need to think about and that is in the form of phytoestrogens that are consumed in our diets. In the vegan community two of the biggest phytoestrogens are soy and flax. Now I am not for one minute saying these are bad, but in some people who have poor methylation and poor gut microbiomes, the phytoestrogens can accumulate and cause problems later down the line. This can occur when phytoestrogens effect the estrogen metabolism process, bind to the estrogen receptor site and antagonise the process. So just be sensible about it. Don’t make these foods your staples. It’s all about diversity. The last piece of the estrogen picture you need to be aware of are xenoestrogens. These enter the body when we are exposed to materials such as plastics, petroleum by-products, fake estrogens in from toiletries and cosmetics. All of these can and will antagonise the estrogen metabolism cycle and cause problems. So we you think about it. If you are being exposed to all 3 main estrogens, the natural age related estrogens, the phytoestrogens and the xenoestrogens from poor diets and what we are putting on our bodies, then it’s no surprise then that estrogen dominance is so prevalent today. Now I can explain everything you need to do in a short video like this to reduce estrogens in your body, but I can give you some great basic tips and strategies to help the process. In order to get the estrogens down and the adrogens up you need to focus on methylation in the body. If you want me to do a separate video on methylation then let me know in the comments below. Raw foods are very good for methylation because they contains lots of methyl donors. Three of the best are beetroot, leafy greens and goji berries because they get the liver firing and the estrogens removed from the body. Certain vitamins also help the process massively such as b6, b9 and b12 if it’s a methyl b12 i.e methylcobalamin. So these raw foods and vitamins will help remove the bad estrogens from the body and then we need to concentrate on the other side of the picture which is getting the androgens up in the body. Through nutrition we need to get foods in our body that increase hormones such as progesterone and testosterone. One good way of doing this is by eating the healthy fats. The mono-saturated fats and the polyunsaturated fats. So avocadoes, nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds etc etc. Omega-3’s are also important here, specifically ALA, EPA and DHEA. And a great vegan source for these is marine phytoplankton which is the marine source for all omega-3’s. So hopefully this gives you some good tips. If you dial in on methylation, if you have higher levels of androgens and low levels of bad estrogens, if you have good levels of omega-3’s, then you are going to be in a very good place hormonally. Thanks for watching. Ill see you tomorrow. 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