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About Video - BY FAR THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED EVER!!!! [Ethel] BY FAR THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED EVER!!!! [Ethel] You take on the role of Thomas Myrtle a World War II veteran. The war left him not only with physical wounds, but also with the invisible scars of PTSD. Despite his bravery on the battlefield, Thomas returned home only to find himself battling a different enemy: addiction. This addiction took a toll on his marriage, eventually leading to its dissolution, and plunged him into a spiral of homelessness. In 1949, a glimmer of hope emerged when Thomas's grandparents took him in and helped him achieve sobriety. For a brief period, life seemed to regain some semblance of normalcy. However, this fragile peace was shattered when Thomas woke up one morning to find his grandmother accusing him of stealing her medication. Despite his protestations of innocence, suspicion tainted the air. That fateful night, Thomas awoke in his grandmother's room, surrounded by a pool of blood, with no memory of what had transpired. His grandmother was nowhere to be found, and Thomas was haunted by the terrifying possibility that his PTSD and addiction had driven him to commit a heinous act. Consumed by guilt, confusion, and fear, Thomas went into hiding, cutting himself off from the world for over a decade. Now, after twelve long years of self-imposed exile, he returns, determined to unravel the mystery of that fateful night and to seek closure, if any can be found. With a tumultuous past weighing heavily on his shoulders, Thomas embarks on a journey of self-discovery, confronting demons both internal and external as he seeks answers and redemption. Thank you for watching my video! TonyShoulders if you're reading this keep up the great work! For this being your first game, you have a bright future ahead of your developing career! This game really had me on the edge of my seat! #gaming #gameplay #horrorgaming Keywords: BY FAR THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED EVER!!!! [Ethel],by far the scariest game i've played ever!!!! [ethel],BY FAR THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED EVER!,THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED [Ethel],THE SCARIEST GAME I'VE PLAYED [Ethel] |Level Up with Tom,the scariest game i've played [ethel] |level up with tom,[Ethel]Horror Game |Level Up with Tom|2024,Level Up with Tom,I'VE PLAYED THE SCARIEST GAME [Ethel]|SCARIEST GAMESHO 2024|