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About Video - I Caught My Dream Fish! How I Caught 3 Huge Barramundi in One Night! I’ve finally done it. After many years of dreaming about this fish, I caught 3 huge Barramundi in one night! The Barramundi is a native fish to Australia and South East Asia, and is widely recognised as an amazing sports fish to target and catch. This is part 2 of a 2 part series! Make sure you go back and watch episode 1 to learn all about the Barramundi! Keywords: dream fish,barramundi,barra,big fish,caught huge fish,catch huge fish,barra bait,barramundi lure,barramundi bait,catch,fish,fishing,matt kelly,vlogger,australia,fishing youtuber,baramundi,barramundi farm,barramundi park,huge barramundi,australian fish,huge australian fish,land based,land based fishing,river,lake,freshwater,salt water,how to catch barramundi,dusk,night fishing,dusk fishing,full moon fishing,boat restoration,flats fishing