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About Video - GHANAIANS NEED TO LISTEN - JULIUS MALEMA, ghana election 2024, Co-LINKZ, Malema on Ghana GHANAIANS NEED TO LISTEN - JULIUS MALEMA, ghana election 2024, Co-LINKZ, Malema on Ghana Dive into the depths of Ghanaian political discourse with Co-LINKZ as we explore the compelling insights of Julius Malema on the upcoming Ghana election 2024. In this thought-provoking video, we dissect Malema's views on Ghana's political landscape, shedding light on crucial issues and potential trajectories for the nation's future. As a trusted platform for informed analysis, Co-LINKZ brings you exclusive coverage of Malema's perspective on Ghana, offering a unique lens into the complexities of African politics. Malema's message resonates deeply as he emphasizes the importance of attentive listening and active engagement among Ghanaians, urging citizens to critically assess their political choices and demand accountability from their leaders. Join us on this enlightening journey as we navigate through Malema's insights, exploring their implications for Ghana's socio-political landscape. From electoral strategies to governance challenges, we delve into the nuances of Malema's commentary, providing valuable context and analysis for our viewers. In a time of heightened political significance, Co-LINKZ remains committed to fostering informed dialogue and empowering citizens with knowledge. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of Malema's perspective on Ghana and its relevance to the democratic process. President & CIC OF EFF - Julius Mahema Join this channel to get access to perks: Co-LINKZ / Ghana News: Latest News in Ghana / World #GHANAIANSNEEDTOLISTEN#JULIUSMALEMA#JuliusMalemaGhana#Malema's message#Ghanaianawareness#mattersarisinginghana#ghanaelection2024#Malemaon Ghana#sabcnews#pagesix#ghanapolitics#electionsinghana#ghanaelections#Co-LINKZ#Julius MalemaGhanainsights#Ghanaelection2024analysis#ghanapoliticalissues#Co-LINKZ coverage#Malema'sperspectiveonGhana#Malema'smessagetoGhanaians#Malema'sviewson Ghana#Co-LINKZGhanacoverage#ghananews Keywords: GHANAIANS NEED TO LISTEN,JULIUS MALEMA,Julius Malema Ghana,Malema's message,Ghanaian awareness,matters arising in ghana,ghana election 2024,Malema on Ghana,sabc news,ghana politics,ghana elections,Co-LINKZ,Julius Malema Ghana insights,Ghana election 2024 analysis,ghana political issues,Malema's perspective on Ghana,Malema's message to Ghanaians,Malema's views on Ghana,Co-LINKZ Ghana coverage,ghana news,co-linkz coverage,malema perspective on ghananian