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About Video - FULL THROTTLE: The horsepower of feet, faith, and courage in the race to cure a deadly disease. In the race for checkered flags, drivers and their teams muster every ounce of desire and courage every time they strap into the seat. When the "Race for RP" teams fire up the engines, they are focused on more than just winning. They are focused on every aspect of what can lead to that checkered flag. That is exactly what Dan Smith did when it came to driving home a point about Relapsing Polychondritis. Afflicted with the disease and having gone thru the painful and perhaps deadly consequences, Dan decided to do something about it, using his faith, and his feet. Meet this RP Warrior, who gathered his team, his resolve, fired up the engines, and figuratively drove to the winners circle. Every episode of "Full Throttle" is available for viewing at and in audio podcast form on Itunes, IHeart, Spotify, Audacy and wherever you get your podcasts. Keywords: autoimmune disease,relapsing polychondritis,5k walk,raising money,dan smith,IMSA,motorsports,racing,greg creamer,research,finding a cure