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About Video - Cheap Automatic Folder Backup On Windows 10 Cheap Automatic folder Backup On Windows 10I'll show you how to use WIndows 10 to secure your data on a separate HDD, SSD or USB Drive. USB External 1TB USB 16GB Flash 2TB Seagate BarracudaUsing Windows Built in Backup feature you can use it to be an extra layer of redundancy for you data. Even if you already use system restore and Onedrive this will give you the option to take the storage media to another desktop or computer and browse the data in WIndows Explorer or the file management program of your choice to cherry pick or transfer the whole lot to a working computer, or return the data to a new install if necessary.I know this is a built in Windows feature, but i think it is a very overlooked utility. What are your thoughts?Thanks for watching! Please feel free to comment here or go and have your say on social media. Send me a private email if you have a product you would like unboxed or reviewed. Most of the items we review can be found in Our Amazon influencer Storefront. you can show your support and love for the Channel by wearing a Mikesunboxing Classic Logo Tee available from Our store. There are Mens Womens and Kids designs and lots of cool colours to choose from, and of course the Classic black original. Get yours from Teemill YouTube Website http://www.mikesunboxing.comTubebuddy UK: US: CA: :