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About Video - ::: Tower Crane Epic #01 Part 2::: BLOWOUT! 🙏 Welcome 🙏 to the best Tower Crane Page on YouTube!!!! Watch & Learn & Find Resources & Enjoy! ⬇️The Best Crane (mobile & tower & overhead & all) & Rigging Resource ⬇️ ⬆️ #1 📕4️⃣ Rigging and cranes 🏗️ ⬆️ Watch as the Tower Crane Operator communicates over the radio and with hand signals to ground workers including Rigger and concrete placers to fly buckets of concrete into a large footing. An unexpected BLOWOUT sends the boys for a loop and they are forced to think on their feet to get the job done! Descriptions are given and the viewer is given lots of information making this a seamless experience watching how a Tower Crane Concrete Pour is executed on a large commercial construction site. ENJOY LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE Keywords: HEAVY BROWN,RAW VLOG,tower crane,tower crane operator,crane,crane wives,concrete boys,concrete,heavy machinery,tower crane epic,crane accident,tower crane epic #03,tower,crane fails,tower crane epic part 1,tower cranes,crane operator,epic crane fails,cranes,tower crane epic #02,crane crash,tower crane pov,crane fail,crane falls,Tower Crane Epic,Tower Crane Epic #01 Part 2,Tower Crane Epic BLOWOUT