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About Video - Munawar Faruqui Shameless stand up । Face to Face Munawar Faruqui Shameless stand up । Face to Face #rizwanahmed #trajasingh #hyderabad #munawarfaruqui #owaisi Face to Face is an endeavor by Dr. Syed Rizwan Ahmed Adv and Snap Wave Production to come up with Freelance journalism & news analysis Youtube channel for impartial analysis on happening around Nation . Dr.Syed Rizwan Ahmed is a socio-religious-legal-political_commentator known for his candid,frank,bold,nationalist views. For Enquiry :- Keywords: face to face,Dr. syed rizwan Ahmed,lucknow news,news,do politics,jaipur dialogues,defensive offensive,owesi,News18 India,India Thought,Hindustan special,सत्य सनातन Satya Sanatan,The Rajdharma,Shining India,World Affairs,Sushant Sinha,CAPITAL TV,VK News,society,trajasingh,hyderabad,munawarfaruqui,BilkisBano,owaisi,Syeda Falak