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About Video - Shut Up Your Brain & Get Loud with Intuition 🦋: Why Ignoring Your Gut is Sabotaging Your Life Shut Up Your Brain & Get Loud with Intuition 🦋: Why Ignoring Your Gut is Sabotaging Your Life In this conversation, Liz @Loveofselfcoaching and Luisa @theluisaanderson discuss the importance of listening to our intuition and trusting our gut feelings. They share personal experiences and insights on how to tap into our inner knowing and overcome doubt and resistance. They also explore the concept of invoking our spiritual team and asking the universe for guidance. The conversation highlights the power of slowing down, becoming aware, and paying attention to the signs and messages from the universe. In this conversation, Elizabeth Foster and Luisa Anderson discuss the importance of ignoring negative influences and focusing on personal growth. They emphasize the need to trust your intuition and follow your own path, even in the face of doubt and resistance. They highlight the power of using past experiences as a guide and trusting that you are being guided towards what you want and need. They encourage listeners to take back their power and make their own decisions, rather than letting others dictate their lives. They also discuss the concept of karma and how it can bring justice to those who have caused pain or harm. Finally, they talk about the importance of manifesting your desires and overcoming cognitive dissonance by questioning and reframing your beliefs. Follow the Heal & Thrive YouTube Channel Here: Listen To Heal & Thrive BACKSTAGE PODCAST: Follow Heal & Thrive LIVE on Instagram: Join The Heal & Thrive Community Here: Send In Your Heal & Thrive Questions Here: Follow The Coaches Here: @theluisaanderson @elizabeth_foster4loveofself #IntuitionEmpowerment #MindfulnessTransformation #GutInstinctAwareness #SilenceTheMind #InnerWisdomUnleashed #ConsciousDecisionMaking #PersonalGrowthJourney #PositiveMindsetShift #MindfulLivingGuide #LifePurposeDiscovery #MindBodyConnection #SelfAwarenessRevolution #EmpowerYourIntuition #QuietYourMindset #ListenToYourInnerVoice #OvercomingSelfSabotage #IntuitiveLivingTips #WisdomWithinYourself #TrustingYourGutFeeling #TransformativeLifeChoicesIntuitionEmpowerment Keywords: Shut Up Your Brain,Get Loud with Intuition,get loud with intuition,spirituality,light academia,Why Ignoring Your Gut is Sabotaging Your Life,Why Ignoring Your Gut,transformativelifechoices,Energy Healing Services,Meditation Coaching,Spiritual Life Coaching,EmpowerYourMind,energy healing,healing,crystal healing,spiritual healing,pranic healing,crystals for intuition,shut up your brain,why ignoring your gut is sabotaging your life,gut feeling,IntuitionMastery