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About Video - Lesson 32: How to compliment your Emirati Friends | Al Ramsa Institute | Emirati Arabic One of the most powerful forms of human communications is praise. We are surrounded by opportunities to use it — in teamwork, in the workplace, in family life, in volunteering, even in dog training — and when we say it in their own language, it works wonders. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THE VIDEO! DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AlRamsa Institute official website: Spoken Emirati Phrasebook: Spoken Emirati Face to Face Group courses: Spoken Emirati online course: Spoken Emirati Books by AlRamsa Institute: For more inquiries: Keywords: Spoken Emirati,Emirati Arabic,Arabic language,Hanan AlFardan,AlRamsa Institute,learning Arabic in Dubai,Arabic online,Arabic language in Dubai