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About Video - African Americans Literally Created American Culture In this video I wanted to talk about just how much African Americans not only contributed but literally invent music styles that have come to be known as White American. From Elvis & Frank Sinatra to Scott Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald & Little Richard, Black contributions to American Music & Culture continue to be underappreciated or underrepresented in American history or culture. I also wanted to take the time to talk about WHY i think white Americans end up taking from or appropriating black culture & the American History that led to it. xtra tags african Americans, black Americans, black history month, African american contributions to music, American music invented by black americans, elvis cultural appropriation, elvis, history of jazz new orleans, history of rock n roll, elvis rock n roll, rock n roll black history, little richard, otis blackwell, elvis 2022, elvis movie, austin butler, elvis culture vulture, blaccent, why do people dislike elvis, Keywords: african americans in ghana,history of african americans,african americans ww2,african american movies,african americans created american music,black culture,american culture is black culture,little richard tutti frutti,little richard,elvis,scott joplin,origins of jazz,history of jazz,jazz documentary,elvis big mama thornton,elvis cultural appropriation,rock n roll history,black rock n roll,black history music,black history month,elvis culture vulture