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About Video - Psychology of a Bully Maintain distance Not emotional connection The topic of this week is about how we can preserve our integrity and authenticity by avoiding making deeper emotional connections with those who are not worthy of our time and attention. Those who are by nature predators. Those who take advantage of people. Bully others. Or get their needs met by being mean and hurtful. Those who love and get joy from inflicting pain on others both consciously and unconsciously. Such individuals often fall into the category of narcissistic personality, psychopathy, or sociopaths. With such folks, it’s key to maintain distance, set boundaries, and avoid any form of deep emotional connection. Otherwise, the damage they leave is everlasting, and hugely detrimental to our mental and emotional Al well-being. Watch and share this video that we recorded in partnership with cut and paste Go to the YouTube section of our profile. The link is there. #kashmir #kashmirvalley #zehenkashmir #mentalhealthawarenessinkashmir