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About Video - (TERRIFYING INVENTION) Meta CREATED a MIND-READING AI Researchers at the University of Texas have developed a remarkable device called a Semantic Decoder. This device can read your mind by translating brain activity into readable text. Fast forward to May 2023, a device was created at the University of Texas at Austin that can turn your thoughts and brain activity into understandable text. Not to be outdone, Meta, a major player in the tech world, recently unveiled an AI system that not only analyzes brain waves but also predicts what a person is looking at in real-time. It's like mind-reading, powered by a multi-billion-dollar social media giant. Are we witnessing the creation of a telepathy device through generative AI? It's a double-edged sword – a potential privacy disaster, yet a tool that could aid those unable to communicate due to illness or injury. While we're not quite at the Minority Report level of crime prediction, the ability to read and interpret brain waves is a significant step in that direction. In this video, we'll explore the University's mind-reading AI and delve into Meta's latest ventures. Hold on tight, because this is shaping up to be a game-changing journey. The University's AI tool, led by doctoral student Jerry Tang and assistant professor Alexander Huth, could be a game-changer for some individuals. The hope is that this technology can assist those who have lost the ability to communicate. Their non-invasive language decoder, a remarkable feat in the realm of generative AI, can reconstruct continuous language from perceived and imagined speech, as well as silent videos. While it's not as invasive as Neuralink, which provides clearer data but comes with higher risks, it opens up possibilities for those in need. ✅✅✅ Subscribe Link : Keywords: meta mind reading ai,mind reading,mind reading ai,meta ai mind reading,ai mind reading,meta,meta ai,mind reading technology,meta mind reading,mind reading with ai,mind reading ai meta,ai reading mind,neuralink mind reading,mark zuckerberg,science,technology,innovation,future,physics,tech,robotics,AI,machine learning,computer science,programming,quantum computing,nanotechnology,inventions,discoveries,future technology,emerging tech,tech silk