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About Video - Neville Goddard - The Law of Assumption. How it works and how to manifest using the law. There are many esoteric teachers that have profound ways to help you manifest the life that you desire. One of these teachers is Neville Goddard. Who is one of the leading experts in manifestation and many discuss his processes. He’s written a book called the feeling is the secret amongst many others. But many people teaching his methods miss some key requirements. Sure, they get the principle of felling the emotion. Visualising that it has already happened. That’s good but you are missing some key reasons why only doing that will fail. And fail miserably. Which is why people think that it does not work. In this video I discuss the missing elements in this law. Which are: Ignore the current reality. And DEAL WITH YOUR LIMITATIONS!!!! Without these two ingredients. No manifestation technique will ever work. Enjoy the video. Greg Riley is Australia's Pre Eminent Spirtual Advisor and Australia's Most Gifted Psychic. Greg was crowned "The One" Australia's most gifted psychic and has since then worked in the space of high performance and consciousness heping people turn into unstoppably calm, capable, game changing and energetic business and personal alchemists. Greg’s website: Greg’s Facebook pages: To book a session email or go to Keywords: neville goddard,law of attraction,manifestation,Law of assumption,the feeling is the secret,abundance,the secret,spiritual awakening