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About Video - finally the history of Patan Durbar (NEPAL) is out // THE OLDEST TEMPLE IN THE WORLD the oldest temple in the world is in Nepal . you can find older than 500 BC or 1000 BC . the king of patan Darbar is a very talented person he makes that Patan area without any instruction take a lot of effort to make that place I cannot explain in a word if you want to visit in Nepal you can direct contact with me in my tiktok insta accounts so I will help you to visit in Nepal. #shortsvideo #longviralvideo #patandurbarsquare #king #kingmalla #kingdom# Instagram : @travelwithsushilt tiktok : travelwithsushilT Keywords: History of patan Darbar squire,Kathmandu patan darbar,Patan durbar square,Patan durbar square history,Patan kathmandu,Patan nepal,basantapur,best places to travel,best places to visit,best places to visit in the world,chitwan national park,durbar square 4k,kathmandu,nepal,nepal tourist places,nepal vlog,objectives of patan durbar square,patan durbar square,patan museum architecture,travel tips