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About Video - How to make Aloe vera Juice (Hair detangling spray) Happy new year to you my wonderful family. I pray this year will give you all your heart desires...More blessings and more wins. . This video on aloe vera juice will help ease your hair tangling issues. Give it a trial and thank me later. . Let me know in the comment session videos or topics you will want me to handle this year on skin/hair and health. So I can pick know see how to do justice to them as I can. . I love you all. Remain blessed and focused. . . You can now order online from us using this link: Keywords: aloe vera,aloe vera for hair,aloe vera for hair growth,aloe vera for hair growth baby,aloe vera for hair growth results,aloe vera for hair growth spray,aloe vera gel,aloe vera gel for hair,aloe vera gel homemade,aloe vera juice,aloe vera juice benefits,aloe vera juice for hair,aloe vera juice for hair growth,aloe vera juice for natural hair,aloe vera juice recipe,long natural hair,natural hair