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About Video - A walk down Van Der Meersch Boulevard... This little gem, in the heart of Beau Bassin, Rose Hill is about to disappear... it will succumb to the folly of men ... no one knows what will happen to the trees... but the Prime Minister is going forward with his Metro Project... A Project proven to be a failure on every level... except for their pockets that will be lined up beautifully... But we will be left with concrete... and metal wires and a tram that will take twice the amount of time to go from A to B than a car, at best, and will also be twice as expensive ... What I know is that this beautiful boulevard I grew up on, will disappear... Several trees have been cut a month ago in another town... though the construction hasn't begun... and now these trees here have been numbered... A greater percentage of the population is against this project, and everyone is hoping that this Government crashes down before the metro project is started... But they've already destroyed people's houses and have asked them to move... Can they be stopped? What can men do against such folly? Unfortunately I've been sick.... and I had lost my voice... so I've delayed this video... still not got my voice back completely... but it was becoming urgent so I had to make do with the current hoarse voice... couldn't really do the Galadriel effect I was aiming for... but it's close enough... Praying for some event to happen to stop this crazy PM's projects! God save us all! Stay tuned - Extended video to be published soon - It's not going to be as nice as this one... it's gonna be slow but you'll get to see 80% of the boulevard... also called Promenade Roland Armand... It will be posterity - though i hope, we won't need to rely on this for the memory.. I hope it remains for good... For it's part of our history... i grew up here... and so did hundreds of thousands of people ... it's part of our "patrimoine" and I'd hate to see it disappear... May the Almighty have mercy on us for all these crimes against nature that we are committing in the name of progress.... Join our FB group [Tree Lovers - Mauritius] : Background Music an extended(by me) track from the Reimagined version of Yann Tiersen's Comptine d'un autre été by Iain Hemstock here: Keywords: Vandermeersch,Boulevard,Promenade,Roland,Armand,Roland Armand,Rose Hill,Beau Bassin,Trees,Sakura,Cherry blossoms,Drone,DJI,ReubsVision,ReubenMru,Reuben Pillay,Reubs Vision,Metro,Metro Leger,Tram,Metro Project,Mauritius,BBRH,MBBRH,Save the Trees