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About Video - Hiking Acatenango to watch volcano Fuego spewing out lava by night Hiking Acatenango to watch volcano Fuego spewing out lava by night Want to get real close to an erupting volcano? Then Acatenango in Guatemala is your place! On today’s show we take you on a guided hike up 3600 m of steep volcanic rock in order to watch active volcano Fuego erupt, morning, noon and night. We are accompanied by Asoava Tours, a community based company who support all physical capabilities with uttermost care and patience. This two day hike was tough but a magical and memorable experience that no one should miss out when visiting Guatemala! One of our absolute highlights on this trip so far! If you liked our show, consider subscribing...thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More about us: We are also on Instagram: In association with: Thank you so much for watching and we'll 'meat' you guys around the world! #travel#volcano #volcanic #vloger #fuego #event #acatenango #lava #volcanicash Keywords: Volcano,Hiking Acatenango to watch volcano,Fuego spewing out lava by night,Hiking Acatenango,fuego spewing by night,acatenango to watch volcano,acatenango volcano hike,volcano acatenango,guatemala volcano hike,hike acatenango volcano,climbing acatenango volcano,volcan acatenango hike,acatenango overnight hike,volcan de fuego,volcano acatenango hike,Acatenango to watch volcano,watch acatenango volcano,hiking acatenango to watch volcano,volcano,acatenango,fuege