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About Video - The Little Rascals *FIRST TIME WATCHING! in years* | Commentary & Reaction HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bringing back the 90s vibes with "The Little Rascals"! 🎥 It's been ages since I last watched this gem, and I'm psyched to share my first-time reactions and hilarious commentary. Join me for a trip down memory lane or experience the mischief for the first time - either way, it's gonna be a blast! Don't forget to smash that like button, subscribe for more nostalgia, and tell me your fave Rascals moment in the comments! 🤪✨ #LittleRascals #ThrowbackMovieNight #CommentaryCraze NEW Etsy STICKER Shop: PICKLES! MERCH: . . . . . . FREE DIGITAL COLORING BOOK! 👇ORDER YOUR COLORING BOOK👇 J. Cutt Productions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Keywords: first time watching movie,reaction,movie reaction,movie reactions,movie commentary,react,reacting,review,the little rascals 1994,the little rascals save the day,the little rascals ending,the little rascals song,the little rascals fire,the little rascals race,the little rascals subtitles,pickels,first time watching movie reaction,first time watching,popcorn in bed,movie review,movie reaction first time watching