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About Video - Worst Pregnancy EVER: Hemorrhoids, Bartholin Cyst, Past My Due Date, My Hospital Bagā”‚Paulene Nistal Pregnancy comes with different challenges and struggles and these are mine. They might not sound very serious but they definitely gave pregnancy bad name!šŸ˜… It made me donā€™t want to get pregnant again! For the past weeks, I experienced hemorrhoids and bartholin cyst! Yes, both at the same time! This video is a bit (okay, a lot) TMI but I am being honest about my experience with this pregnancy. Last stretch of pregnancy, packing my hospital bag and going past my due date! Let me know what you think! Like and subscribe! Click here to subscribe: Program I use to edit: Check out my other videos as well :) Mama Journey: Surprising our Family: Introducing Cat to Baby: Beaba Babycook Neo Review: Intimate Gender Reveal: Connect with me on my social media pages: Facebook- Instagram: @athomewith_paulene Tiktok: @paulenenistal For business: Send an email to DISCLAIMER: -Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! -This video features materials protected by the Fair Use guidelines of Section 107 of the Copyright Act. All rights reserved to the copyright owners. #PregnancyHemorrhoids #PastMyDueDate #BartholinCyst Keywords: first time moms,Worst Pregnancy EVER,Bartholin Cyst,My Hospital Bag,Paulene Nistal,pregnant,paulene nistal,Past My Due Date My Hospital Bag,Worst Pregnancy EVER Hemorrhoids,worst pregnancy ever hemorrhoids,hemorrhoids treatment,Hemorrhoids Bartholin Cyst,Bartholin Cyst Past My Due Date,Hemorrhoids Past My Due Date,hemorrhoids past my due date,bartholin cyst,bartholin cyst treatment,sitz bath,sitz bath for hemorrhoids,ever hemorrhoids bartholin cyst