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About Video - Pro Burqa Protests Erupt in Udupi | Ft. Amana Ansari & Arshia Malik This week we discuss about the Pro Burqa protests that have erupted in Udupi, Karnataka. We look at the political reasons behind it. Arshia Malik joins us and sheds light on how the term Burqa is not mentioned anywhere in the Holy Quran. We explore the larger clash of civilizations that have yet again come to the fore through this widely debated topic. In the end, we appeal for peace and patience, hoping that situation does not go out of control. A school, a college, a University is a sacred, secular Institution and should not become a battleground for political-religious movements. #indiathisweek #udupi #hijab ------------------------------------- Support Our Initiative | On Patreon: Join this channel to get access to perks: Keywords: amana ansari,Khalid big,Arshia Malik,Udupi,hijab,burqa,Udupi hijab row,Indian Muslim on Udupi Hijab row,current affairs,news,burka,saffron