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About Video - Tyrese got issues but I got answers Tyrese has issues with his babymother. Now everyone knows tyrese loves his kid but clearly his baby mother does not want tyrese near the kid at all. She also says he's a bad father and that he's abusing his daughter. Even tho certain allegations she said was not fact, and was dismissed it seems that there is something clearly wrong with tyrese. He's been having mental breakdowns on social media and has been lying about being bankrupt for obvious reasons {child support}. His rant has been televized and shared through out all of social media big networks. Will Smith reached out to him to stay off of social media privately by offering him 5 mill but tyrese continues to rant his business and family issues all over social media. What makes it worst being that he won't stay off Will Smith didn't give him money because he didnt stay off and also he even goes further and denies allegations of him even offering him money in the first place. Now ain't nothing wrong with him crying for his kid because he love his kid and I can feel his pain due to me having brothers that went through the same experience. But lying and then throwing a pity party for yourself is really a cry for help. Smh this is looking real sad. Tyrese is really bugging, he missed court for his kid but yet he says he cares and he has this stupid on going feud with the rock. Will someone please tell tyrese to fix his life by not putting his family issues & personally issues on social media? Hopefully he too can get it together. Add/Follow me on Fb: OG Mike Love Follow me on IG: @the_savage_original Keywords: Ogrealtalkfiles,Blog,Blogger,Subscribe,Likes,Follow,Comment,Advice,Facts,Truth,Tyrese,Baby mother,The rock,Will Smith,Sad,Social media,Shaylarocks,Issues,Court,Custody battles