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About Video - Drone Programming using Cygnus IDE: Setup and Test Project Learn Drone Programming using Cygnus IDE! In this video we talk about the installation of Cygnus IDE, using which you can program the Pluto 1.2 and Pluto X nano drone to develop fun projects. Drona Aviation brings you a new series, focusing on learning Drone Programming. In this series of videos we will learn about the firmware of Pluto nano drone, learn about the APIs and develop amazing projects on Pluto nano drone. The agenda of this video is to understand the extraction of Cygnus IDE and run a test project to confirm the proper extraction of Cygnus IDE. Download Cygnus IDE for Windows, Mac and Linux from here: Buy Pluto 1.2 from Amazon: from our website: Buy Pluto X from Amazon: from our website: Download Pluto Controller App for Android: for iOS: Subscribe to our channel to not miss out on any of our future videos! Stay tuned for more videos on drones! Video by: Mihir Gosar Like, share and subscribe to our channel! YouTube channel: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Keywords: diy drone,rc toys,toys,quadcopter,maker,creator,drone,pluto drone,nanodrone,cheap drone,easy drone,how to make a drone,how to make a drone at home,drone control,drona aviation,drone programming,programming,cygnus,IDE,pluto programming,programmable drone,tinkering,drone projects,learn drone programming,pluto 1.2,pluto X,pluto x