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About Video - What is Zero Trust Model? (Animated Video) View Blog:- Hello friends welcome back to our channel. In this video we learn about the concept of Zero Trust Model. So without wasting any time lets jump into the video. So, The Zero Trust Model is a way to keep computer systems safe from hackers and other threats. It's based on the idea that we shouldn't automatically trust anyone or anything that tries to access our network. Instead, we should always double-check and verify their identity and make sure they are allowed to access our resources. In the past, people used to think that if someone was inside the network, they were safe and trustworthy. But the Zero Trust Model says that we should treat both the inside and outside of our network as potentially dangerous. We can't assume that just because someone is already inside, they won't do anything harmful. So, instead of relying on a single line of defense like a firewall, the Zero Trust Model uses many layers of security. It looks at things like who the person is, what device they are using, where they are located, and other important information before deciding if they can access our network. By using the Zero Trust Model, we can make sure that only the right people with the right devices can access our resources. This helps us prevent unauthorized access and keeps our data safe. It's especially important now because our networks are connected to so many different devices and services, and people are working from different places. The Zero Trust Model helps us stay secure even in this complex and ever-changing world. #technology #foxpass Keywords: what is zero trust model,what is zero trust network,zero trust model azure,what is a zero trust model,what is zero trust policy,zero trust model of cybersecurity,what is the zero trust model,zero trust model of information security,zero trust model upsc,what is zero trust in 1111 vpn,what is zero trust cloudflare,zero trust model explained,what is zero trust network architecture,what is zero trust network security,zero trust model principles,what is zero trust vpn