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About Video - How AGI Will Change Our Life FOREVER! How agi will change our life forever! Imagine if the government covered your basic expenses, like food and shelter. Would you still go to your job, pursue more education, or simply relax? This intriguing idea is called Universal Basic Income, or UBI. It's gaining traction in our technology-driven world. Today, we'll explore its potential impact and the passionate debates surrounding it. Now, let's tackle a common concern: If everyone gets free money, won't they just spend it irresponsibly on alcohol and stop working? Surprisingly, studies by the World Bank have disproven this stereotype. People with limited means don't waste their financial support on harmful habits like drinking and smoking. In fact, research indicates that wealthier individuals tend to indulge more in these vices. But what about laziness? UBI experiments conducted in Canada in the 1970s shed light on this issue. Only a tiny 1% of recipients stopped working, mostly to care for their children. On average, people reduced their work hours by less than 10%. They often used the extra time for personal growth, like going back to school or seeking better job opportunities. So, the fear of widespread laziness among UBI recipients seems far from the truth. Additionally, these experiments led to an 8.5% decrease in hospitalizations. This was primarily because there were fewer accidents and hospitalizations related to alcohol, as well as fewer visits to family physicians for mental health issues. Universal Basic Income seemed to have positive effects on health and well-being. Why hasn't our current welfare system wiped out poverty when Universal Basic Income (UBI) shows so much promise? The answer can be found in the intricate web of restrictions and conditions attached to welfare programs. These regulations tend to ensnare individuals in a never-ending cycle of dependency, offering them little room for personal freedom and discouraging active efforts to better their own circumstances. It's a tedious and counterproductive process, often compelling people to take any available job, regardless of suitability or pay. The end result? A seemingly unbreakable glass ceiling that traps them in poverty, perpetuating a passive mentality. ✅ Subscribe Link : Keywords: How AGI Will Change Our Life,agi,what is agi,openai,how agi will change our life,agi news,ai news,agi is here,AGI Will Change Our Life,ubi,agi robot,agi will change our life,Tech Silk,pika labs,agi when,agi safety,How AGI Will Change Our Life FOREVER,robot,tesla,how agi will change our life forever,How AGI Will Change,tesla stock,tsla stock,how agi will change,ubiquitous,how agi,agi will change our life forever,agi change our life,Change Our Life