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About Video - Why I Walked Away from a High-Paying Job: My True Story | Keith Andrews In this video, I open up about my decision to leave a high-paying Silicon Valley job to focus on real estate investing full-time. After years of dedicating myself to work, I realized I was missing out on precious moments with my kids. From late nights on the phone to missing games and events, I felt the weight of time slipping away as my children grew up. When my youngest child was still at home, I made a life-changing decision. I couldn't bear to miss another milestone. I was done with the relentless grind and decided to go all-in on real estate. This move has not only given me the freedom to live life on my own terms but also allowed me to be there for every important moment and milestone with my family. Real estate has transformed my life, and now I'm on a mission to help others achieve the same freedom. I started "The Real Estate Junkie" podcast to share my journey and offer insights on how real estate can lead to financial freedom. Life is short, and I want to help as many people as possible reclaim their time and live their lives fully. Join me as I discuss the challenges and rewards of this transition and how you can start your journey to financial freedom through real estate investing. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to stay updated on future episodes and tips to help you achieve your goals! The Real Estate Junkie Podcast: 🎯Related keywords: Why I Walked Away from a High-Paying Job: My True Story | Keith Andrews Realtor, housing market crash, real estate market, real estate mindset, real estate investing, US housing market, housing market update, housing market, new real estate agent tips, real estate marketing, real estate coaching, real estate agent tips, real estate agents, real estate agent, real estate, real estate agent training, new real estate agent, Keith Andrews, real estate has transformed my life, My True Story | Keith Andrews, Why I Walked Away from a High-Paying Job. 🎯Related Hashtags: #RealEstateTrends #PropertyInvesting #HousingMarket #HomeBuyingTips #RealEstateInsights #MarketAnalysis #PropertyNews #InvestmentOpportunities #HouseHunting #MarketUpdate #PersonalGrowth #housingmarket Keywords: Why I Walked Away from a High-Paying Job,My True Story | Keith Andrews,Real estate has transformed my life,Keith Andrews,new real estate agent,real estate agent training,real estate,real estate agent,real estate agents,real estate agent tips,real estate coaching,real estate marketing,new real estate agent tips,housing market,housing market update,us housing market,real estate investing,real estate mindset,real estate market,housing market crash,Realtor