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About Video - I FOUND A SNAKE INSIDE THIS FORECLOSURE!!! FORCLOSED HOUSE | SLICK SELLS | Sometimes we find things we don't necessarily expect to see in foreclosures. Sometimes, those things are alive! In this week's video, I was inside the garage of a new foreclosure and happened across a little snake. I probably disturbed it more by trying to help it, than if I had just left it alone. That was my good deed for the day, even if he didn't appreciate it. I have Fannie Mae & VA foreclosures all over NE Alabama. If you’re an investor, or would like to start trying to buy foreclosures, let me know and I will add you to my list. You can always see my entire inventory online at For business inquiries contact – Follow me on Social Media: Facebook – Jeff Slick Instagram - @tddup_slick Tik Tok - @slicksells Youtube - @slicksells Below is a few of the things I use to make my videos, along with some various parts I’ve used on the motor. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Nikon z30 Content Creator kit - GoPro 10 - iPhone 13 - Insta360 Flow Gimbal - Under Armour Polo - Tripod - I FOUND A SNAKE INSIDE THIS FORECLOSURE!!! FORCLOSED HOUSE | SLICK SELLS | #Slick Sells in NE Alabama #Slick Sells in USA #Vlog on Foreclosures #Buy and Sell Properties in USA #REALTOR in Alabama #REO/Foreclosed Properties #Slick Sells #finding foreclosures #Jiff Slick #VA #real estate agent in Alabama #THESE APARTMENT’S WERE TRASHED!!!#1 #VISITED A TRASHED HOUSE #A foreclosed house #foreclosed homes explained #FORECLOSING PROPERTIES #I’M NOT A REALTOR…I’M A PROFESSIONAL PROBLEM SOLVER!!! #Problems facing in real estate #the challenges and problems faced by real estate #Real Estate Coching #fannie mae home ready #Problems and Solutions #Problems and Solutions facing in real estate #freedomrealty #slicksells #fanniemae #foreclosures #va #alabama #realtor Keywords: I FOUND A SNAKE INSIDE THIS FORECLOSURE!!!,FORCLOSED HOUSE,SLICK SELLS,Slick Sells in NE Alabama,Slick Sells in Alabama,Visiting forclosure house,real estate,HOW CAN I BUY A FORCLOSURE,how to find foreclosures,homes for sale,foreclosures Agent,Fanneie Mae and VA foreclosures in USA,foreclosure investing,foreclosures in my area,Go to a foreclosed home,condemned house,forclosed property sale in usa,condemned house flip,Freedomrealty,Jeff Slick Slick Sells