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About Video - নাৰিকল পাৰা মেচিন,ইয়াৰ দাম,ইয়াৰ ব্যৱহাৰ,ক'ত পোৱা যায় ইত্যাদি(COCONUT TREE CLIMBING MACHINE) Hi friends, it is a video about a machine from which we can climb in coconut tree. This machine is too helpfull for us to climb in coconut tree. I have discuss here about its price and how it works and where we can find it.hope you will enjoy it a lot. Keywords: coconut,coconut tree,how to climb coconut tree,machine,coconut tree climb machine,climb,pankaj malakar,hajo,satdala,patani,assam,panchatirtha,coconut tree climber machine,coconut tree climber machine price,coconut tree climber machine installation,how to install coconut tree climber machine,where coconut tree climber machine available