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About Video - The Best of Mimi Nicklin Secrets to Success, Talents 2024 Showreel The Best of Mimi Nicklin Secrets to Success, Talents 2024 Showreel Mimi is an unstoppable millennial thought leader driving the force globally for Listening Led Leadership and higher levels of empathy in our workplaces, and world. A best-selling author, the founder of the world’s first organisational empathy training platform and the CEO of her own ad agency, she is contagiously passionate about our need to reconnect humanism with capitalism for sustained success. Aspirational yet accessible, with a charismatic and infectious screen presence, Mimi is a powerfully authentic keynote speaker and podcast host and spends 50% of her time on stage and in workshops around the world each week. She has a high loyalty rate with her Fortune 500 clients and adapts all of her content to culture, country and organisational context to ensure your brand gets tailored content every time. Her keynotes focus on Listening Led Leadership, transformational management skills and emotional intelligence, communication skills, overcoming conflict, psychological safety and inclusive, connected multigenerational teams. They can be seen across her YouTube channel. With over 60,000 people following her work online and having worked with clients as varied as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Standard Chartered, Cisco, Aditya Birla, Pfizer, Capgemini, Gitex, Daraz (Alibaba), the European Union, The Metropolitan Police Service UK, and the governments of Sri Lanka, Singapore, Saudia Arabia and Dubai, she is a prominent force for driving change in how we engage and communicate. Inspired by her debut podcasts’ success, which reached 85,000 people in Season 1 (voted as a Top 5 podcast in the United Arab Emirates.), Mimi has since launch her second storytelling podcast, ‘MimiYouYou’ which is growing at over 1000% across the world. She is frequently featured on other podcasts and live radio & TV including across the BBC networks and including shows such as the Harvard Business Review and Nokia. Wide coverage and content can be seen on her website #mimi_secrets_to_success #Best_Mimi_Showreel_2024 #how_to_be_successfulm #mimi_business_advice #motivational_speaking_globally #empathy Keywords: Mimi Nicklin Secrets to Success,Mimi Nicklin Talents 2024,Best Mimi Showreel 2024,how to be successfulm,mimi nicklin,SuccessTips mimi,mimi CareerSuccess 2024,Secrets to Success in mimis life,how to growth career,mimi Success Strategies,mimi business advice,mimi motivational speaking globally,mimi empathy vs sympathy,Secrets to Success podcast,Leadership Skills,mimi nicklin secrets to success,mimi nicklin talents 2024,mimi life secrets,Goal Setting,creative