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About Video - Lissa Lune || Community Christmas - Troy & Abed Rap (Cover/Cosplay) "Abed, we hate glee club..." #sixseasonsandamovie Thanks everyone for watching this Community Christmas with Troy and Abed! I had SO much fun making this music video! From building the blanket fort to singing, raping, filming, and editing the video together in Adobe Premiere Pro, it was such a blast engaging with one of my favorite TV shows this way. #humanbeings #GreendaleCommunityCollege Please note that I do not own the rights to this song, written by Childish Gambino or the Community TV video clips. I am simply a huge fan hoping that this work will contribute to the Community community. Thank you, Dan Harmon and the entire cast and crew for creating such prolific series for us to enjoy! Keywords: Community,Childish Gambindo Cover,Troy and Abed In the Morning,Troy and Abed Rap,Troy and Abed,Greendale Community College,Dean Pelton,Dan Harmon,Greendale Humanbeings,Music Video,Music Video Cover,Christmas Songs,Christmas Cover,Community Fans,Cover,Cover Song,Musician,Singer,Producer,Jack of All Trades,DIY,Luneatic,Abed,Troy,Britta Perry,Jeff Winger,Parody