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About Video - The Unreasonable Efficiency of Black Holes Thanks to for sponsoring this video! Check out their black hole course at Support MinutePhysics on Patreon! Link to Patreon Supporters: This video is about how efficient various reactions are at converting mass to energy (as we know from the Einstein mass-energy equivalence of E=mc^2). Antimatter is very efficient but it is not naturally-occurring. Chemical reactions like fire or explosions are very inefficient. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion are better, but not amazing on an absolute scale. Non-rotating black holes (Schwarzschild) and rotating (Kerr) are by far the most efficient, due to their accretion disks and very small radius of their innermost stable circular orbits. REFERENCES: Periodic Videos Hydrogen Explosion in slow motion: CIA World Factbook Norway Energy Consumption: Binding Energy: Hydrogen molecular bonding: Gibbs free energy of water formation: Party Balloon Size Chart: Mass Excess Table of Mass Excesses: Deuterium-Tritium Hydrogen Fusion Energy Released: Hydrogen to Helium Fusion chain efficiency: Uranium-235 fission efficiency: Black Hole Accretion rates: MinutePhysics is on twitter - @minutephysics And facebook - And Google+ (does anyone use this any more?) - Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute! Created by Henry Reich Keywords: physics,minutephysics,science