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About Video - Simple Tasty Shrimp Fried Rice | Shrimp Tasty Fried with Eato Network Simple Tasty Shrimp Fried Rice | Shrimp Tasty Fried with Eato Network 2 cups cooked jasmine fragrance rice (can be pre-cooked in rice maker) 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon oyster sauce ½ cup of vegetable oil 3 eggs, lightly whisked ½ pound shrimp peeled deveined Seasoned lightly with 1 tsp each of fish seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder and chili powder 1 onion, chopped Ginger puree 1 bouillon cube (shrimp) 1 cup peas and carrots 2 tsp of curry powder Salt, to taste 1 - Season shrimp lightly with salt, fish seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, chilli powder & ginger purée. 2 - Chef heats the oil in a large wok on medium-high heat. 3 - The chopped onions are added to the oil and sautéed until translucent. 4 - The seasoned shrimp are added shortly thereafter, stir the mixture until shrimp turns pink. 5 - Add the peas and carrots to the wok and continue to stir, adding oil if necessary to keep the mixture moist. 6 - The mixture is seasoned with a bouillon cube. 7 - After stirring occasionally for 2 minutes, add the whisked eggs to the wok and allow it to fry, untouched for 30 sec, before using the spoon to break them up. 8 - Continue to sauté and stir, until the eggs are fully cooked. 9 - The cooked rice is added to the wok and is stirred on high heat to combine well. 10 - For added flavour, pour the oyster and soy sauces into the mix, stir in thoroughly. 11 - The fried rice is then plated and garnished with spring onions. Keywords: Simple Tasty Shrimp Fried Rice | Shrimp Tasty Fried with Eato Network,Shrimp Tasty Fried with Eato Network,Tasty Fried with Eato Network,Fried with Eato Network,Tasty Shrimp Fried Rice with eato network,Simple Tasty with eatonetwork,Fried Rice | Shrimp Tasty,shrimp tasty fried with eato network,fried with eato network,tasty shrimp fried rice with eato network,simple tasty with eatonetwork,mseato,eato,martin yan,tasty fried with eato network,fried rice | shrimp tasty