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About Video - A DAY IN CENTRAL PARK AND LOW CARB MEALS | NYC VLOG A DAY IN CENTRAL PARK AND LOW CARB MEALS | NYC VLOG If you liked this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Watch Last Video: WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL! Today I decided to do a NYC vlog and take you guys along with me to Central Park New York. I really like going to Central Park and just relaxing. Sometimes New York City can be super stressful and you feel like you are for some reason not progressing as much as you think you need to be doing in your career. You see so many people constantly working and never taking breaks and you think to your self "Should I also be doing that right now instead of just relaxing in a park?" And the answer is (for me at least to go ahead and take a break and enjoy living in New York City!! Time goes by way too fast and you need to make every second count and that includes taking time away from work and stress and just taking in this beautiful city. I decided to sit in Sheep Meadow in Central Park which is a big grassy lawn in the middle of the park and just relax and watch the sunset by myself. (Sidetone, I got hit by a frizz bee while doing said relaxation) HAHA I then went home after the sunset and made some dinner. Since I am doing a low carb diet for the month of September I decided to cook dinner. I made a mistake with that decision. LOL BUT it didn't turn out as bad. Low carb meals aren't bad tasting and in fact they taste really good! Have you eve tried low carb meals and if you have PLEASE leave a comment below with some low carb recipes! As Always if you did like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and also click that RED SUBSCRIBE button below!! THANKS!!! Keep Up With Me Snapchat - Instagram - Keywords: nyc vlog,central park,central park new york,central park nyc,a day in the park,a day in the life,cooking low carb,low carb meals,low carb diet,sheep meadow,sheep meadow central park,sheep medow,sheep medow central park,living in new york city,new york city,vlogging in new york city,nyc vlogger,manhattan vlog,park,new york summer,ricky somborn,nyc,#nyc,#centralpark,central park sheep meadow,a day in central park,manhattan,new york,new york city vlog