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About Video - 'It's Like We Are Living In Afghanistan Or Pakistan' RP Singh's Remark On Secular Hypocrisy BJP leader RP Singh slams Jharkhand government over Dalit case. He said, 'It's Like We Are Living In Afghanistan Or Pakistan'. Listen to what RP Singh says on Secular Hypocrisy. #RPSingh #JharkhandDalitCase #JharkhandDalitAssault Keywords: jharkhand,dalit man assaulted,dalit,jharkhand news,jharkhand: sexual assault punished with rape,man assaulted,dalit student pitai rajasthan,dalits,jharkhand accident,dalits harassed,sexual assault,jharkhand government,hindu man killed by muslim girlfriend's family,hindu boy killed by muslim girl family,Jharkhand man killed for loving hindu girl,jharkhand hindu youth killed,jharkhand youth murder,Afghanistan News,Pakistan news