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About Video - Breaking Free: Lamont Bryant's Epic Journey Through 25-years Behind Bars Lamont Bryant served 22 yrs in prison for a crime he did not commit. But he never gave up and on his return to society he is doing big things and going hard to better his community and helping former inmates adjust. Formerly Incarcerated men and women who have changed their lives and are successful in their own rights after being released. Success After LockDown will highlight those men and women who made bad decisions in their youth and also those who were convicted for crimes they didn't comment and paid dearly with their lives, and rose to the occasion by growing and developing into mature adults! Keywords: Unshackled Spirit: Lawrence Bartley's 25-Year Prison Odyssey by Success After LockDown,Prison Odyssey by Success After LockDown,Lamont Bryant by Success After LockDown,unshackled spirit: lawrence bartley's 25-year prison odyssey by success after lockdown,prison odyssey by success after lockdown,lamont bryant by success after lockdown,Prison Odyssey,Unshackled Spirit,success after lockdown,lawrence bartley',the marshall project,unshackled spirit,deliverance