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About Video - Can this car really park itself? Here is what you need to know: Some people hate parking. Parallel parking, in particular, is a pain and especially when there is an audience watching you struggle to get in and out of that tight parking. With the Ford Focus parking assistance system, this is no longer an issue as the car can park itself hands-free! Subscribe and be the first to know about new videos: ➜ Ever asked which cell phone should I buy? How does that gadget work? Does the battery last? why do geek make this so complicated? This is where I come in - is all about technology news, review, mobiles and gadgets - making technology simple so everyone can understand (not just the geeks!) Lets connect Socially: ➜Blog: ➜Twitter: ➜Snapchat: ➜Instagram: Keywords: Liron Segev,TheTechieGuy,technology,gadget,tech,how to,review,parking,park assist,self parking car,ford self parking,self parking cars,automatic parking,autonomous,self driving car,self-driving,parallel parking,driving test,driving,how to parallel park,how to park,self parking,hands free parking,park you car,ford,ford focus,ecoboost,parking assist,lan assist,lane keeping,perpendicular parking,self park review