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About Video - CONSIDER these for your Service Department!/ Texas car Dealers With Bill/ CONSIDER these for your Service Department!/ Texas car Dealers With Bill/ When it comes time to build or buy a Dealership, consider these for your Service Department: 1. What is the condition of the facility, especially the Fixed Operations. Is it environmentally clean and/or is there deferred maintenance? 2. How many technicians will you need, and are they well equipped, or will you provide their tools, training and technology. 3. Will you need more man-hours of servicing capacity beyond the normal work hours (8-5). 4. Do your customers have a way to drop-off early, and pick-up after hours? 5. Should you consider an air-conditioned shop as a competitive advantage? 6. Do you think an employee lounge, specifically designed for your technicians, is a good idea? 7. Do you need an engine or special tools area? 8. Should you have a body shop? …. or simply supply the local body shop operators? For more Information and insights, follow @TXCarDealerswithBill #cardealers #dallasrealestate #dallas #cardealerships #dfw #commercialrealestate Keywords: CONSIDER these for your Service Department!,/ Texas car Dealers With Bill/,CONSIDER these for your Service,these for your Service Department!/,CONSIDER these for you,commercialrealestate,commercial real estate,business news,buying commercial real estate,commercial real estate for beginners,real estate private equity,dallas,dfw,texas,top things to do in dallas,CONSIDER,consider these for your service,these for your service department!/,service business,Dfw