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About Video - 3 Hot Real Estate Markets to WATCH in 2024 These three hot real estate markets are showing seriously good signs for investing in 2024. Between rent growth, home prices, affordability, or population explosions, all three of these housing markets have something that ANY real estate investor can find enticing. So today, we’re going to break down these three hot housing markets through home prices, rent growth, population changes, and their overall economy so YOU can invest better this year. Dave Meyer, BiggerPockets VP of Data and Analytics, looked through recent housing market data on three of the top real estate investing markets across the country: Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Houston. Some have affordable home prices, some have declining home prices, some have high rents, while others are starting to see rent growth slow. Which one should YOU pick to invest in? Stick around to find out! Use Agent Finder to match with an investor-friendly real estate agent in YOUR market: ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇 ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area: ~~~~ Find Investor-Friendly Lenders: ~~~~ Grab Dave’s New Book, “Start with Strategy”: ~~~~ What New Investors Should Know About Choosing a Real Estate Market: ~~~~ FRED Graphs Used in Today’s Video: Atlanta Population: Indianapolis Income: ~~~~ Connect with Dave: BiggerPockets: Instagram: @thedatadeli or FRED® Graphs Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. 2022. All rights reserved. All FRED® Graphs appear courtesy of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. 00:00 3 SOLID Real Estate Markets 00:57 Market #1 05:02 Pro Tip: Get a LOCAL Agent 05:46 Market #2 08:55 Market #3 11:55 Which Market to Choose? Keywords: hot real estate markets,real estate markets,real estate market,housing markets,hot housing markets,real estate investing,invest in real estate,indianapolis housing market,indianapolis real estate market,atlanta housing market,atlanta real estate market,houston housing market,houston real estate market,where to buy real estate,where to buy a house,where to buy a home,income property,investment property,passive income,biggerpockets,dave meyer,thedatadeli