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About Video - Innovation & Strategy Surrounding the Customer Experience Get in touch with your CX! Paula Kennedy Garcia has a robust 25-year industry career in CX and, in her current role as EVP of Innovation and Product Strategy at IntouchCX, she is leading the charge for next-generation solutions that are future-focused to revolutionize CX. Paula's impact on the CX industry has been cemented by multiple industry innovation awards for disruptive and emerging business solutions, product and practice design, and transformational change in global CX, including 2022 Innovator of the Year Golden Bridge Winner and 2022 Stevie's Innovation Woman of the Year for Industry. She is a respected evangelist for women in leadership and business at an international level, with strong advocacy support for female mentorship and diversity programs, most recently as a UK founding member of the applauded Chief network for executive women in business. Connect with Paula Kennedy Twitter Work: @TweetPKG LinkedIn Work: Connect with Anne Bibb Anne Bibb is the Founder and CEO of Remote Evolution, a consulting and advisory firm. Over the years, Anne and her company have helped create tens of thousands of jobs using impact sourcing. They have helped companies move to more than 30 countries and assisted with remote change management, customer experience, and employee experience improvement. ➡️ YouTube: @annebibb ➡️ Instagram: ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ Personal LinkedIn: ➡️ Company LinkedIn: ➡️ Speaker Website: ➡️ Consulting Website: Keywords: Anne bibb,remote work,remote jobs,work from home,customer experience,employee experience,anne bibb podcast,innovation,strategy,cx,customer experience strategy,customer experience management,customer experience vs customer service,customer experience vs customer success,customer experience vs user experience,customer journey mapping,customer journey,business strategy,customer,business strategy case study,paula kennedy,annebibb,unexpected journey,interview