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About Video - Csárdás / Czardas-Monti - Timothy Chooi (Violin) - 4K video Csárdás/Czardas-Monti Timothy Chooi (Violin) Timothy Chooi, violin Hanchien Lee, piano The famous Hungarian folk piece, Csárdás arranged by Vittori Monti. Enjoy this rendition of this famous violin virtuoso piece as documented at an impromptu concert in the Montréal Metro at Lionel-Groulx Station. Csárdás is a traditional Hungarian folk dance, the name derived from csárda (old Hungarian term for tavern). It originated in Hungary and was popularized by Romani music (Cigány) bands in Hungary and neighboring lands of Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Burgenland, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Transylvania and Moravia, as well as among the Banat Bulgarians, including those in Bulgaria. Head here for tour dates and locations: Sheet music here: Follow me here: Anne Kostalas, videographer Benoît Chamontin, creative producer Drew Schlegel, recording engineer Keywords: Violin,Timothy Chooi,Classical,Classical Music,Violonist,music,metro,montreal,czardas,lindsey sterling,interesting,violinist,performing,cool,beautiful music,happy music,public,walking audience,monti,csardas,canada,music video,hungarian folk piece,videography,canadian guy,fast music,slow music,expressive,quebec,stm,subway station,live,timothy chooi,2017,folk music,pop music crossover,mix,amazing,how to play the violin,youtube violinist,subway,stradivarius