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About Video - "Google AI BARD Can Now SEE!" Google Bard Now Have Eyes!! Google Bard is revolutionizing the AI industry, and recently, it got an amazing upgrade that will change the way how people use it. This update gives Bard a new ability to understand and use different kinds of information, like text and images. So join us in this video and watch till the end as you are about to see why Bard is Amazing! You might already be familiar with ChatGPT, which is very skilled at many tasks. However, Bard is just as useful as ChatGPT, especially for things like internet research and now working with images. Bard keeps getting better with regular updates. You can see the list of changes here. Just a few days ago, Bard gained the ability to work with more than 40 new languages. Now, you can include pictures along with text when you talk to Bard. This opens up new possibilities for creativity and thinking. It's also neat that Bard can read responses out loud. Some might argue that when we compare Bard to the latest GPT-4 on specific technical tests, Bard doesn't seem as impressive. But it's important to realize that the world of AI is diverse. Each AI tool has its own strengths and weaknesses, and there are areas where one AI is better than another. ✅ Subscribe Link : For instance, when we talk about ChatGPT, we acknowledge it as one of the smartest AI systems. However, it has a limitation - it doesn't have the latest or updated information, and browsing with Bing is disabled. Even when Bing was available, it wasn't very fast. On the other hand, if you use Bard to search the internet, it's much faster in providing certain types of answers and it has the most recent information on every article. With ChatGPT and Bing, sometimes it would try to open a link and it would say “couldn't read, the content failed”. This doesn't happen with Bard. So, Bard has specific strengths that I want to highlight. This should hopefully change your perspective and show that it's not ideal to restrict oneself to just one AI tool. There are different tools for different tasks. The main idea here is that there are various AIs designed for different purposes, and you'll be more efficient if you know which one to use for a specific situation. Currently, the only multimodal AI available to the public is Bard, and as we've mentioned before, it's not as widely recognized as it should be. Music track: My Company by Aylex Source: No Copyright Music for Video (Free) Keywords: Google AI BARD Can Now SEE,google bard,google bard ai,ai tools,Google Bard Now Have Eyes,machine learning,ai news,openai,use google bard,google ai bard can now see,new tech,tech silk,pika labs,google bard now have eyes,sdxl turbo,leonardo ai,AI BARD Can Now SEE,how to use google bard,AI BARD Now Have Eyes,comfyui,ai bard can now see,ai,google ai,bard,ai bard now have eyes,how to use bard ai,bard ai for youtube,google ai bard now have eyes