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About Video - The Heartbeat of Transformation in Procurement: People 🌟 In my journey through the world of procurement, as showcased in my novel "The CPO," I've discovered a profound truth: The real power of transformation lies not in numbers, strategies, or tools, but in the very people we work with. Before diving into strategies and plans, pause and ask yourself: 1️⃣ Why am I here? What drives me to be a part of this organization? 2️⃣ What do I seek from those around me? What are my expectations from my team and partners? 3️⃣ How far am I willing to go to ensure the success of the people around me? These questions are the foundation of a people-centric approach, one that values relationships over transactions, passion over mere participation. In my latest book, "Profit from the Source," I delve deeper into this philosophy. The future of procurement is not just about automation or efficiency; it's about creating a culture where procurement is "the place to be." It's about understanding that when we invest in our people and our relationships, especially with our top suppliers, we unlock unparalleled potential. So, let's champion a shift from transactional to transformational, from mundane to meaningful. Let's make procurement resonate with passion, purpose, and people. Keywords: The Heartbeat of Transformation,The Heartbeat of Transformation in Procurement,Procurement: People,heartbeat,procurement transformation,world bank young professionals program,the heartbeat of transformation in procurement,the heartbeat of transformation in procurement and supply chain management,heartbeat episode 1 english subtitles,Christian Schuh,strategic sourcing and category management,strategic sourcing,supply chain management,the heartbeat of transformation