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About Video - Basic Hydration Guidelines for Running from a Registered Dietitian How much do you need to drink to stay hydrated for running and racing? In this video I'm covering hydration guidelines for runners of various distances and why hydration is so important for performance, recovery and gut health. We'll discuss how hydration/dehyration impacts running performance, GI distress when running, and gut permeability. I also cover how much to drink before a run, while running under 1 hour, over one hour and when to add electrolytes/sodium (see some options below). I will do a future video regarding carbs and electrolytes. There are also other factors to consider for how much water to drink when running, such as sweat rate, temperature, distance, and personal comfort. Need more help with running nutrition - or nutrition in general? Contact me for a free consult! I'm a registered dietitian and holistic nutritionist as well as a certified personal trainer. I'd love to help you optimize your nutrition and health. And follow me on Instagram where I post more frequently @renewalfitcoach Popular Electrolyte Powers: -LMNT: (divide in half for one serving) -Liquid IV: -Nuun: Music credit: DRIFT, Philip E. Morris Keywords: running,running tips,runners,half marathon training,marathon running,marathon training,run training,running hydration,how much to drink when running,running fluids,running nutrition,registered dietitian,sports nutrition,nutrition for runners,gut health for runners,GI distress running