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About Video - MARS | ചൊവ്വ എന്ന ചുവന്ന ലോകം | MALAYALAM | AnTalk #mars #malayalamscience #antalk MARS | ചൊവ്വ എന്ന ചുവന്ന ലോകം | MALAYALAM | AnTalk #mars #malayalamscience #antalk SAY HI ON INSTAGRAM: Email : Facebook Page : Contents : 0:00 Intro 1:10 Mars 2:20 Surface of mars 3:27 Olympus Mons  4:34 Mars missions 5:30 Ascraeus Mons 6:35 Valles Marineris 7:25 What Happened to Mars's Water 10:00 Chryse Planitia & Utopia Planitia 10:37 Isidis Planitia 11:25 Mars moons 12:47 Conclusion Humans have been watching mars for a long time. When our technologies became more advanced, we started sending spacecrafts space probes to mars. For decades, these probes and spacecrafts have been exploring mars. So after all these explorations, what did we discover on mars? Mars only has half the radius of our Earth and so, the gravity is also very low on mars compared to earth. Due to this low gravity, mars has a very thin atmosphere, which can't hold liquid water on the surface. But, ancient mars had a very thick atmosphere, probably thicker than earth's atmosphere. This thick atmosphere was the result of huge and continuous volcanic eruptions, which emitted carbon and other gasses in a very huge amount. This happened about 400 crore years ago to 300 crore years. . It was during this time that the mars was able to hold liquid water on the surface. Scientists believe that if there was any kind of life existed on mars during that time, there might be some evidence still out there. This is why we have been sending a lots of probes during the last decade. One of the most important feature of mars is a huge mountain called Olympus Mons. This is the highest volcanic mountain the the entire solar system. It is more than twice the height of the tallest mountain on earth, the Everest. There are lots of other things discovered on mars. Watch this epic and awesome video to know more about discoveries on mars. #MarsMalayalam #antalk #MarsMissions #FactsMalayalam #DiscoveriesOnMars #MalayalamScienceVideo #MalayalamScienceChannel #MalayalamSpaceVideo #MalayalamFactScience If you enjoyed this video please like, share and subscribe for more informative and interesting videos like this Keywords: mars malayalam,discoveries on mars,mars,martian surface,facts malayalam,47 arena,47 arena malayalam,science channel in malayalam,malayalam,olympus mons malayalam,mars missions,nasa,nasa malayalam,science malayalam,malayalam science channel,malayalam facts channel,space malayalam,malayalam space videos,mars planet,planet malayalam,facts mojo,aflu world,afworld,mystery facts malayalam,akshay vlogger,m4 tech,malayalam science videos,facts,vlog,Antalk