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About Video - VEGAN TEETH CARE - DO THIS FOR HEALTHY TEETH Konnichewah, Goji Man here. Today I am talking vegan teeth care and the main things you should do and avoid for healthy teeth. Follow me on Instagram: If this is your frst time on my channel then please consider subscribing. I do vegan health and nutrition vidoeos Monday-Friday so I am sure there will be lots of useful information here to help you live a healthier and happier vegan life. Right to the video. So dental health was an area that Western Price was very big on. If you not sure who he is they go and look him up, but essentially he was one of the early scientists who “got it”. He understood the relationship between dental health, nutrition and overall physical health. We know from archaeology and its data that if you travel back 10-20,000 years that the bones and dentition of our ancestors was much healthier………and the closer you travel to 2017 the worse the teeth and surrounding bones become. And that is how they date teeth and bones. Its done by looking at the mineral density contained in the teeth. And this swing to poor dental health is due to the civilisations we find ourselves in, it due to modern agricultural techniques, its due to the restricted and poor diets that people are eating today. So for example many on plant based diets eat a handful of greens, potatoes, rice, nuts, legumes Seeds, but these people will generally eat the same foods week-in-week-out. Then you have the junk food vegans who staple foods are chips, meat substitites, lots of wheat products usually, crisps chocolate and anything else they can get their hands on. Anyone know someone like that? Tag them below. My point being here is that while vegan diets are a million times better for health, they are still very limited in nature to the diversity of foods contained in them. If we can, its always nice to branch out and expand our diets as widely as possible because this will have far reaching implications for our dental health, and also our overall health. You have only got to look at the research on primates and primate diets and you will see primates eat well over 100 different types of plants a year, and it is very rare for primates to run into any sort of dental issues. And This is how I look at it from an obvious and common sense perspective, if something is happening with our teeth, then something is drastically wrong with what we are eating. That’s why its happening here. I think its important to state this level of obviousness. So if we understand this then its fair to deduce that plant based foods which require more chewing and crunching will help build strong teeth, and the foods that are very soft and isolated liquids with worsen our dental health. Now one cool tip regarding teeth health for you to understand is its connection to bad breath. If you have bad breath its telling you that you have bad bacteria. And why is this bad? Well if you look at the research it tells us that surrounding every tooth is a biofilm, which is produced by the good bacteria, such as acidophidus and bifidas. So this biofilm around the tooth protects the teeth and will help you from getting teeth problems. So the research tells us that when you have a healthy biofilm, you have healthy teeth. So when you eat a limited or poor diet, coupled with colgate, crest or any of those other toxic sludges, which kills all bacteria and obliterates the biofilm. So if want exceptional dental health then you need to get rid of all these toxic sludges and eat a wide variety of plant based material. But you have to be careful of abruptly stopping your colgate. If you do this then you have no natural biofilm in place the teeth are very susceptible to damage. So we have to naturally build up the protection. And one of the best ways to do this is to build up a healthy gut and flora and to take in lots of food which is pre and probiotic in nature. And you want to be eating lots of these foods throughout the day. So food that acidophidus and bifidos and all the other strains will love. Now I wont go into these foods in this video, but if you want me to do a video on the microbiome then let me know in the comments below. So one final tip is regarding neam and neam oil. Yogis have used this forever and they had some of the best bone and teeth health from the archiological records. They used to chew neem sticks. Now I cant imagine this is particularly nice, but luckily for us we have neam essential oil. The great thing about neem is that it destroys all the bad bacteria and keeps the good guys in place. So just buy some of this, work on improving your microbiome, get rid of the colgate, increase your natural biofilms around your teeth, widen the amount of plant based foods you eat, and im telling you your teeth and bones will thank you. See you tomorrow! Keywords: vegan teeth care,vegan teeth,vegan teeth health,vegan teeth healing,vegan,teeth,tooth decay,cavities,raw food diet,raw vegan,dental health,teeth cleaning,how to,tooth pain,raw veganism,tooth,healing teeth,reversing tooth decay,healing teeth naturally,heal teeth naturally,heal teeth without dentist,vegan tooth care,raw vegan dental,healthy eating,raw vegan dental care,refined foods cause tooth decay