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About Video - Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate 101 | How To Get Started (2024) Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate 101 | How To Get Started (2024) In todays video Rick & Zach Ginn share how you can get your first virtual wholesaling real estate deal this year in under weeks with this simple step by step guide so you can know exactly what lists to attack and the right lists you need to start closing and getting wholesale real estate deals this year in virtual wholesaling real estate! • • • • • • 🛑 Subscribe to Flip with Rick’s Channel: *Get notified whenever Flip with Rick goes live or posts! • • • • • • ▶ FREE Wholesaling Course SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE!: ▶ Join Flip with Rick+ for Bonus Lives, Messaging me Personally + More!! JOIN HERE: ▶ FREE Trial Software Links Propstream: DealMachine: BEST SMS Text Blasting Platform: Batch Leads: ▶ Send Me Your Deals (JV WITH ME) SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE!: ▶ FREE Wholesaling Game FREE Wholesaling Mastermind: FREE Wholesaling Contracts: The Bags to Riches Podcast: ▶ FOLLOW FLIP WITH RICK Instagram: Facebook: • • • • • • ▶ Make sure to SUBSCRIBE & turn on NOTIFICATIONS! ▶ For all inquiries, email • • • • • • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Flip with Rick, Zach Ginn, Rick Ginn are not lawyers, CPA’s, or financial advisors. All strategies, tips, suggestions, warnings, and recommendations included in the videos are from personal experience and are intended for entertainment purposes only. Clicking on JV deal links, free trial links or youtube videos in this video may cause financial benefit for flip with rick, zach ginn, and rick ginn (Example: Youtube Ad Revenue, Joint Venture Deals, Etc.) now or in the future. Please seek legal consul from a lawyer and financial advisor before doing anything shown or recommend on this channel. Your state and federal government laws supersede anything said in this video and its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow the LAWS in your state or jurisdiction. • • • • • • #flipwithrick #wholesalingrealestate #wholesalerealestate #realestate #realestateinvesting #entrepreneur #realestatewholesaling #sidehustle • • • • • • God Bless Keywords: wholesaling,wholesaling real estate,real estate wholesaling,real estate wholesaling for beginners,real estate wholesaling with no money,real estate wholesaling step by step,real estate wholesaling contracts,real estate wholesaling explained,how real estate wholesaling works,real estate wholesaling what is it,real estate wholesaling tutorial,wholesale real estate deal,first wholesaling deal,my first wholesale deal,first wholesale deal 2024,flip with rick,wholesale,re