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About Video - Instant dreadlocks on short hair with extensions. .Drop a comment please Creating instant dreadlocks on short hair using extensions is a popular method for achieving the look of mature, lengthy dreadlocks without waiting for your natural hair to grow. Here's a step-by-step guide to achieve this look: Materials Needed: Dreadlock extensions (human hair or synthetic) Crochet hook (0.5mm or 0.75mm) Rubber bands or small hair ties Comb Scissors (for synthetic hair) Step-by-Step Guide: Prepare Your Hair: Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. Avoid using conditioner as it can make your hair too slippery. Decide on the size and number of dreadlocks you want. Smaller sections result in thinner dreadlocks, and larger sections result in thicker ones. Section Your Hair: Use a comb to section your hair into small squares. Secure each section with a rubber band or small hair tie. Ensure the sections are neat and evenly distributed across your scalp. Backcombing: Take one section of hair and remove the rubber band. Start backcombing the hair by combing it towards the scalp to create volume and texture. This will help the hair tangle and form the base of the dreadlock. combing out dreads dreads dreadlocks Instant dreadlocks on short hair with extensions short hair with extensions Instant dreadlocks how to start dreadlocks with straight hair how to make dreadlocks interlocking tool for dreads instant dreads Dreadlocks with long hair how to start dreadlocks crochet dreads how to get dreads loc questions how to get dreadlocks Dreadlocks heat cure hair treatment just for me hair texture softener how to use just for me hair relaxer #naturalhairgrowth #duet #dreadlockextensions #englishlanguage #dreadlocks #englishlanguage #dreadlocks #haircare #hair #freeformdreadlocks #freeformdreadlocks Keywords: combing out dreads,dreads,dreadlocks,Instant dreadlocks on short hair with extensions,short hair with extensions,Instant dreadlocks,how to start dreadlocks with straight hair,how to make dreadlocks,interlocking tool for dreads,instant dreads,Dreadlocks with long hair,how to start dreadlocks,crochet dreads,how to get dreads,loc questions,how to get dreadlocks,Dreadlocks,heat cure hair treatment,just for me hair texture softener,how to use just for me hair relaxer